About Bois Cotlette Estate

The Bois Cotlette Estate is 53 acres of self sufficiency.  We grow our own food, capture our own water, and generate our own green energy. While self sufficiency was one of our first and most important goals, obviously, 53 acres is significantly more land than a single estate needs for it’s own inhabitants’ survival.

At the same time, not wanting to let our fertile volcanic soils lie barren, while also staying true to Bois Cotlette’s 200+ year history in cocoa and coffee endeavors, we continue to shape and cultivate in the pursuit of turning our organic cocoa and coffee beans into premium Bois Cotlette Estate Coffee and Chocolates.

The west side of our land is approximately 35 acres.  Currently about 5 acres are in cocoa and one acre in coffee.  One half acre is used for chickens, (free range) and rabbits (not free range).  Another half acre is used predominantly in cultivation of Dominica’s 10 varieties of bananas.

In spite of the fact that there are stone terraces supporting coffee trees on the east side of our land, these 15 acres have such a steep escarpment that they are considered unusable for farming today.  After long and serious negotiations with our goats, we have agreed to fence in that rough, mountainous terrain and let our goats roam free.

The three acres in the valley are where you will find Bois Cotlette’s historic ruins, the recently renovated Maison, and its spectacular factory courtyard.  Just to the south of the Maison is the 1/2 acre Planter’s Herb Garden which provides all of the seasonings for the Bois Cotlette kitchen.

History & Background

Recently, Bois Cotlette Estate was purchased from a descendant of the family who had controlled the property since the late 1700’s. Having been overrun by over a decade of neglect, the estate lands and grounds are now being restored with a look backward as well as a look forward.

Things that were commonplace in the past, such as organic farming, are being brought back by the present owners who have also implemented many bio-dynamic farming practices. For example, older mature cocoa trees are being pruned and saved where possible. In addition, there are newly planted sugar cane, cocoa, coffee, and high leaf crops which mirror the estate’s historical endeavors of generations past.

Today, the Bois Cotlette Estate proudly distinguishes itself further as the estate that has achieved self-sufficiency status in all three key aspects of sustaining life; food, power, and water.

Soufriere, Commonwealth of Dominica

+1 (767) 440-8805 | BoisCotlette@gmail.com

Bois Cotlette Estate's Central Attraction: The Heritage Maison and Courtyard